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Carol West

Scientific Steering Committee

Carol West,
Co-Lead, Patient Partners platform

Carol West’s experience with the diagnosis and treatment of thrombosis ranged from excellent to awful. A fall on a rainy day resulted in a broken kneecap, surgery to wire things together, development of DVT and PE, participation in a clinical trial, and months of finding a new normal, including plane travel for this very frequent flyer.

In her business life as the CEO of a non-profit industry organization located in Ottawa, Carol provides advocacy and education to members, and has led and participated in many Canadian and international discussions on a range of issues related to trade facilitation, border management and supply chain security. She has acted as an external advisor to the Office of the Auditor General of Canada on several audits relating to risk management and border processes.  She chaired the Private Sector Consultative Group of the World Customs Organization from 2008-2014 and has been engaged in capacity building work in the Americas, as well as Laos and Vietnam.

An academic background in political and policy studies has provided a solid foundation for Carol’s lifelong interest in and commitment to the possibilities of government-business partnership, in Canada and worldwide. Carol believes that CanVECTOR’S engagement of patient partners in a meaningful and institutional way has great potential and is happy to add value in any way she can.