Network Platforms

Knowledge Translation

For clinical research to succeed, research findings have to be acted upon by health care providers and their patients. Attaining this goal is predicated on the involvement of multiple stakeholders, spanning researchers to frontline clinicians and policy makers to individual patients. An important priority of the CanVECTOR Network is to rapidly translate the research knowledge obtained to researchers, health care professionals, guideline writing committees, decision makers and patients, potentially leading to changes in hospital and community based practice and policy.

Selecting and disseminating targeted, high quality evidence in the clinical domain of VTE and its anticoagulant management in the appropriate format, with participation of all stakeholders, is the overarching objective of our knowledge translation platform. This platform will seek to identify new, workable, effective strategies to extend the reach of our knowledge translation activities.

The Team

Platform Co-Leads

Alfonso Iorio (Hamilton, ON)
Lori-Ann Linkins (Hamilton, ON)

Working Group

Alan Bell (Toronto, ON)
Kerstin de Wit (Hamilton, ON)
Roland Grad (Montreal, QC)
Bill Geerts (Toronto, ON)
Pierre Pluye (Montreal, QC)
Lori-Ann Linkins (Hamilton, ON)
Deborah Siegal (Hamilton, ON)
Artemis Diamantouros (Toronto, ON)

The Projects

The Knowledge Integration System and Service (KISS)

We created and maintain an online, publicly accessible Knowledge Integration System and Service (KISS) that disseminates up-to-date, high quality evidence in VTE/anticoagulation. The dissemination of the knowledge emerging from the CanVECTOR network activities is tailored according to the end-user (for example, a health care provider versus a patient).

The CLOT+ repository is one of the main deliverables of this project. CLOT+ provides a continuously updated collection of high quality and highly relevant clinical research papers, and provides subscribers with both alerts of articles at the time of their publication, and a cumulative, searchable database. 

Available on CLOT+ are the evidence summaries. An evidence summary is a concise summary of an identified important article in thrombosis research, written for frontline physicians. There are currently 13 published evidence summaries, with more coming soon (also available on our website, under Publications). Plain-language summaries have also been written (16 to date). Similar to evidence summaries, but these are intended for the patient and family audience.

If you are interested in receiving alerts from CLOT+, critiquing articles, recommending articles to become evidence summaries and more, register for CLOT+! Registering for CLOT+ is completely free and open to the public (Register here).