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1. Surveys

Interested in distributing your VTE related survey through the CanVECTOR Network? CanVECTOR will support and distribute surveys that are relevant to our network members.

For complete details, visit out our Terms of Reference for Surveying Members.

To apply to have a survey distributed through the network, ensure you have met all survey checklist requirements below and submit all documents to

  • Ethics approval or waiver
  • Survey document or a link to the survey
  • Statement of introduction and names and titles of requestor(s) to accompany the survey e-mail
  • Brief 1-paragraph description of the purpose of the survey, the target population, the methodology, and how the results will be used
  • Assurance of confidentiality and anonymity of respondents or rationale for including identifiers

2. Letters of Support

Are you in need of a Letter of Support from CanVECTOR in support of a grant application? Submit the following to no later than 2 weeks before the grant competition deadline:

3. Network Project Fee

Beginning in 2020, a mandatory CanVECTOR Project Fee will apply to all successful CanVECTOR-supported grants with budgets >$50,000.

This document describes the process and provides guidance for how to incorporate the CanVECTOR Project Fee in your grant budgets when submitting proposals for CanVECTOR-supported research projects to funding agencies.

4. Network Acknowledgement Policy

CanVECTOR’s activities and outputs are measured by a series of deliverables, which are key to CanVECTOR’s long-term sustainability. Deliverables include CanVECTOR-supported scientific and lay presentations, abstracts, publications, and new grants (e.g. operating grants, salary awards) obtained.

Regular tracking of deliverables are used: 1) internally, to guide direction of the Network and to communicate progress to CanVECTOR’s partners and members; 2) externally, for compilation and presentation in interim and final reports to ICRH-CIHR and reports to CanVECTOR’s External Advisory Board (EAB); and 3) in the future, to help support large scale applications for long-term funding of CanVECTOR (e.g. SPOR, NCE).

Proper attribution and acknowledgement of a given activity as being CanVECTOR-supported is essential to tracking CanVECTOR deliverables.

As a researcher, trainee or study/project team, there are also professional benefits to demonstrating that you are a member of a productive national research network and have access to collaborators, expertise and resources through CanVECTOR membership.

View the Acknowledgement Policy.

6. Patient Engagement and Patient Partner Resources

CanVECTOR aims to plan and lead research to improve the quality of care provided to patients affected by venous thromboembolism (VTE) and those at risk of VTE. Collaboration with patients is essential to better understand what is relevant, important and acceptable from the patient perspective. As such, we seek to involve Patient Partners as co-builders with researchers throughout the research process

The following resources are intended for patient partners, project investigators, and research coordinators to better understand and document the partnership:

7. VERDICT Adjudication Platform

Developed in collaboration with the Ottawa Methods Centre and the INVENT-VTE Network (International Network of Venous Thromboembolism Clinical Research Network), the Venous Thrombosis Adjudication Platform (VERDICT) is designed to facilitate best practices for adjudication of the most common outcomes in venous thrombosis studies.

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