CanVECTOR Administration is a virtual executive office based at the sites of the two Network Directors: Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research at the Jewish General Hospital (Montreal, QC) and the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (Ottawa, ON). Each site is headed by a Network Manager who reports directly to the local Network Director.


Susan Kahn

Susan Kahn MD, MSc, FRCPC

Co-Director, CanVECTOR Network
Grégoire Le Gal

Grégoire Le Gal MD, PhD

Co-Director, CanVECTOR Network
Nicole Langlois

Nicole Langlois RN, MSc

Senior Manager, Clinical Research
Charlotte Guzman

Charlotte Guzman MHA

Senior Manager, Business Development and Finances
Caleb MacGillivray

Caleb MacGillivray BA

Creative Strategist, Communications and Digital Marketing
Crystal Sequeira

Crystal Sequeira MSc

Research Platform Manager, Research Outputs and Tools
Laila Al-Alwan

Laila Al-Alwan MSc, PhD

Research Network Manager, Scientific Research, Training, and Events