External Advisory Board

CanVECTOR's governance structure includes an External Advisory Board (EAB). This board provides non-binding recommendations to the SSC. The EAB is comprised of trained patient partners, key stakeholder representatives, and senior non-VTE researchers who are external to the Network.

The EAB’s mandate complements the SSC’s:

  1. Provide advice on the Network's overall strategic plan and objectives;


  2. Provide advice on Network’s direction;
  3. Provide advice on Network operations and management to ensure that appropriate policy and financial decisions are made and implemented.

EAB Members 

0. Academic

  • Dr. Shawn Aaron, Chair and Senior Researcher, University of Ottawa
  • Dr. Rob Fowler, Senior Researcher, University of Toronto
  • Dr. Kusum Menon, Senior Researcher, University of Ottawa
  • Dr. François Lamontagne, Senior Researcher, Université de Sherbrooke

1. Patient Partner

  • Maury Lieberman, Patient Engagement Advisor
  • Leslie Lake, Volunteer President of the National Blood Clot Alliance, Patient Engagement Advisor

2. Stakeholder


  • Dr. James Douketis, Senior Researcher and Partner Representative, Thrombosis Canada
  • Dr. Stavros Konstantinides, Chair, International Network of Venous Thromboembolism Clinical Research Networks (INVENT)
  • Dr. Patrice Lindsay, Heart & Stroke Foundation


  • Dr. Bobby Gouin, Partner Representative, Société des sciences vasculaires du Québec
  • Dr. Jonathan Yau, Partner Representative, BMS
  • Dr. Randy Leeder, Partner Representative, LEO Pharma
  • Dr. Cristian Banaru, Partner Representative, Sanofi
  • Dr. Antonio Ciaccia, Partner Representative, Bayer
  • Dr. Stephanie Corriveau, Partner Representative, BMS