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Suzanne Dubois

Scientific Steering Committee

Suzanne Dubois,
Patient Partner

Suzanne Dubois (Brantford, ON) is excited to be a Patient Partner (since 2017) and Scientific Steering Committee member (since 2019) in the CanVECTOR Network.  Suzanne is a graduate of the University of Guelph, past Social Services caseworker, part-time farmer and artist, and full-time parent of two teenagers.

Suzanne has had what she describes as “too much” experience with VTE--she has lost two family members to VTE during hospitalizations, and in 2015 Suzanne’s daughter (then aged 16) suffered from VTE while on a student exchange in Japan.  A subsequent occurrence of VTE in 2016 and the resulting investigation into treatment options at different facilities across Ontario, Canada, and even the U.S., has influenced Suzanne’s keen interest in patient education and advocacy, innovative treatments, and the standardization of quality care for patients.

Since joining CanVECTOR Suzanne has enjoyed consulting on several research projects, and she looks forward to continuing to make a meaningful contribution to the network.