Randy Fenninger

Randy Fenninger,
Patient Engagement Advisor

Randy Fenninger, a pulmonary embolism survivor, is Factor V Leiden and a lifetime anti-coagulation patient.  Since August 2014 he has been the Chief Executive Officer of the National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA), a non-profit education and patient advocacy organization.  From 2004 to 2012 he was a volunteer member of the NBCA Board and served two terms as president.  Prior to becoming CEO of NBCA, he worked as a healthcare lawyer and lobbyist in Washington, DC.  Randy has represented the interests of health professionals, patient advocacy organizations, institutional providers and medical products manufacturers for over 30 years.  

Randy lives in Vienna, VA, outside Washington, DC, with his wife Laura.  He has a daughter, two sons and two grandsons.  He earned a BA in Journalism from the University of North Carolina and his law degree from George Washington University.