Foundational Platforms

Patient Partners

The CanVECTOR Network is committed to conducting research that is meaningful to patients and their families. As such, we have a patient partner program where we invest in recruiting, selecting, and training patient partners. These patient partners are equal and active members of the Network.

Our aim is to include patient partners in network planning, decision-making, communications, and in every research study initiated and undertaken by CanVECTOR.

Since we are new to this area of research, we have invested in proper training for both patients and investigators in order to develop in this area and to build our research capacity.

All patient partnership activities are overseen by the Patient Partners platform. 

If you're interested in our program or have any questions, please contact us at or visit our Connect page. 

The Team

Platform Co-Leads

Lisa Duffett (Ottawa, ON)
Jessica Emed (Montreal, QC)

Working Group

Loes Knappen (Ottawa, ON)
Bev Shea (Ottawa, ON)
Leslie Skeith (Calgary, AB)

The Patients 

We now have 9 active, trained Patient Partners. They have been assigned to different CanVECTOR research projects and committees. 

Platform Co-Leads with patients, some members and trainees at Patient Partners Orientation and Training Session led by Alexandre Berkesse and Caroline Wong from the Centre of Excellence on Partnership with Patients and the Public (CEPPP) in Ottawa, ON on Oct 16th, 2016

Front row: Caroline Wong, Robert Tessier, Martin Lemieux, Jessica Zambito, Lisa Duffett, Rick Ikesaka, Joan Monk, Jessica Emed
Back row: Ryan O'Connell, Carol West, Rob Adriaanse, Leslie Skeith, Lana Castellucci, Brian Clark, Peter Monk, Alexandre Berkesse

Helpful Resources

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