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CanVECTOR 2024 Annual Conference: Deepening Engagement in Research - From Patient Recruitment to Knowledge Translation

Thursday, October 24, 2024 at 08:00 AM
Duration: 9 hours

The CanVECTOR 2024 Annual conference will held on Friday, October 25th, 2024 in conjunction with the Thrombosis Canada Annual conference on October 26th, 2024. The programs feature Canadian and international experts and others with complementary research expertise. The programs will be presented in-person only. 

CanVECTOR 2024 Annual Conference


Date: Friday, October 25th, 2024

Location: The Marriott Downtown at CF Toronto Eaton Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Co-chairs: Dr. Tzu-Fei Wang & Dr. Teresa Cafaro

Intended Audience:

Clinical and basic science researchers, physicians, research personnel, trainees, patient partners, and any other professionals involved in VTE-related research.

Program Learning Objectives:

After completing this program, participants will be equipped to:

  • Explore the current landscape of clinical trials in Canada and employ practical methods to overcome common challenges in clinical trial planning and execution, including community hospitals engagement and enhancing patient participation
  • Apply strategies for knowledge translation planning and using creative strategies to mobilize research findings to impact change
  • Understand the current programming and research activities of the CanVECTOR network, including trainee research, and the potential impacts for venous thrombosis prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in the future

Additional Details:

  • CanVECTOR will be hosting pre-conference meetings on Thursday, October 24th for Network working groups( Clinical Investigation Group Meeting, Trainee Council / Workshop, Scientific Steering Committee) beginning activities at 2pm ET. Some will be by invite-only. Stay tuned for communication about these meetings.
  • CanVECTOR offers discounts and reimbursements to attend the annual conference for specific members, e.g., Patient Partners, Scientific Steering Committee members. If you have questions about specific discounts and reimbursements offered to you, please email
  • To encourage participation at our conference, CanVECTOR is pleased to offer Travel Awards to CanVECTOR Trainees and Research Personnel. Please see the Application Form for complete details.

Agenda: Coming Soon

Registration: Coming in mid-June