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2019 CAEP Abstract Award Winners Announced


The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) have announced the 2019 CAEP Research Abstract Competition Award Winners. CanVECTOR member and current CIG Chair Dr. Kerstin de Wit has been awarded the 2019 CAEP Top New Investigator Abstract Award . Vidushi Swarup and Dr. Leila Salehi have been awarded the 2019 CAEP-CanVECTOR Research Abstract Awards. 


2019 CAEP-CanVECTOR Research Abstract Awards

Vidushi Swarup was awarded the CAEP-CanVECTOR Research Abstract Award for her research abstract titled "Identifying patient values and expectations for pulmonary embolism CT scanning in the emergency department." Dr. Leila Salehi was awarded the CAEP-CanVECTOR Research Abstract Award for her research abstract titled "Variability in utilization and diagnostic yield of Computed Tomography (CT) scans for pulmonary embolism among emergency physicians."

About the award: CAEP-CanVECTOR Research Abstract Awards are awarded to the two highest-ranked research abstracts from CAEP members for a research study that aims to reduce VTE occurrence, improve VTE diagnosis and therapeutic management, improve the safety of anticoagulant deliver, or enhance the quality of life of those impacted by VTE in the emergency care setting. 


2019 CAEP Top New Investigator Abstract Award  

CanVECTOR' member and CIG Chair Dr. Kerstin de Wit was awarded the 2019 CAEP Top New Investigator Abstract Award for her research abstract titled "Prevalence and clinical predictors of intracranial hemorrhage in seniors who have fallen." Dr. de Wit will be the 3rd Plenary Presentation at the 2019 CAEP Conference on Halifax on Tuesday, May 28th. 

About the award: The CAEP Top New Investigator Abstract Award is awarded tot the CAEP member who submits the highest-ranked research abstract and is within five years of appointment at the level of assistant professor. Only those appointed at the assistant professor level are eligible. 


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